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On this page you will find helpful links.


Remote Support:

Follow these instructions to allow attended access to your computer.

1. Open the link

2. Download and install the program on your computer.

3. A 9-digit session code will be generated. Share the code with us to allow us to connect to your computer.

Thank you

List of Websites:

Google Docs:

Create a document (just like in Microsoft Word- but FREE)

Bellevue Library -
Hailey Library -

Check out books electronically

Travel Planner -

AARP - Click Here

Wirecutter -

Research products and safe money

Canadian Pharmacy -

Save money on prescriptions.  Safe to use.

Good RX-

Save money on prescriptions.  Free program for those with or without insurance.

Thred Up -

Save on lightly used clothing.  You can also sell clothes here.

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